Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners as Recommended by Suresh


  1. Immediately on waking up, Drink 1.26 lit of warm water
  2. 5 Shankha Prachalana exercises; 3 rounds each (This will facilitate good toilet and also helps to rid the body of toxins)
  3. Toilet + Oil Massage
  4. Jalneti etc
  5. Bath (Bath before yoga is highly recommended…it needs to be just a quick warm water shower.   Ensure you wash your genitals nicely)
  6. Stretching exercises including Surya Namaskar
  7. (Fountain of Youth exercises)
  8. Pavanmukta Asanas
  9. Bow
  10. Bhujanga etc Asanas
  11. Sitting Asanas
  12. Shavasna
  13. Sit in Vajrasna for the following Pranayama Routine (preceded by eye exercises if you desire) (If Vajrasna is difficult for you, sit in any Asna with which you are comfortable but ensuring straight back and chin parallel to ground)



(a)    Shantipath etc

(b)   Gayatri Mantra as demonstrated (5 loud +2 whispered +2 silent rounds)

(c)    Prakarshana Kriya    

(d)   Om chanting as demonstrated (7 rounds)

(e)    Naman Mudras (4 variations)

(f)     Brahma Mudras


Now sit in Siddhasana (preferred) or Padmasana or Sukhasnana or any other posture ensuring straight back, chin parallel to ground, eyes closed, vision directed towards Spiritual eye, and muladhara muscles closed tight.  Bright smile on your face! Ensure that you are totally relaxed.


  1. Nadi Shuddhi
  2. Kapalbhati (3 or more rounds with both nostrils followed by 1 round each with each nostril, right nostril first; not more than 108 breaths with each round with both nostrils, not more than 54 breaths when doing it with one nostril)
  3. Ujjayi
  4. Bhastrika
  5. Sheetkari
  6. Sheetli
  7. Vayusaar
  8. Bhrahmari
  9. Agnisaar
  10. Uddayiaan


Shavasana/Yoganidra (make your Sankalpa whilst in your astral body, repeat 3 times)


Return to meditation posture as demonstrated. (Always turn your body to the right first, rest in this position for 15-30 seconds, and then support your body weight with your hands whilst going into sitting posture)


Repeat the Sankalpas 3 times in your physical heart


Meditate for whatever period you have in hand or desire, but min 60 seconds.

Rub your palms repeatedly and direct spiritual healing energy towards your face, back, knees and any other part requiring healing.


 Asato Ma Sat Gamaya; Poornamadha;...etc; mantras. (Or simply some prayer in your mind)


Smile at the world when gradually opening eyes.


All day long, REMEMBER to Remember (that you are Sat Chit Ananda; and repeat your Sankalpas as and when you remember. Send loving vibrations towards every person you meet and towards all your dear ones wherever they may be)


If your work involves sitting in front of on computer or otherwise sitting position, remember to stretch your body EVERY hour or so, and do abbreviated brahmamudra exercises. (Also eye exercises at least once/twice daily)