When I die (Sanjeev)




When survived by an adult in the family



1. Go to DriveHQ


Must know how to

2. Download crypt



3. Follow notes


Eg. find organ donor number.

4. Body: Preference for organ donation –whatever is possible. The way in which I die will determine what I am able to donate.

  • Organs (heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys) are available for donation generally if I die in an intensive care unit under special circumstances.

Alternatively, there may be the opportunity to donate tissues for transplantation, such as eye tissue, heart valves, bone tissue and skin tissue.


Follow Govt. instructions (eg. here).


5. If organ donation not possible, donate entire body to science

Uni will take the body if no organ removed

Follow instructions at Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Melbourne (Melb uni)

6. If body not fit to donate, cremate


Any local crematorium from yellow pages. No ceremony, no fuss. Pay as needed.

7. Funds – Banks, Credit cards

Will need HSBC keys to operate.

Ensure pay off all credit cards in time each month. If HSBC keys lost, contact them with bank acc. details.

8. Life insurance (if applicable)

From Vicsuper

Contact them. Transfer funds to mortgage. It is likely to be almost entirely paid off.  DO NOT COMPLETELY PAY IT OFF till alternative sources of income established.

9. Other financials

Details in notes

Also hard copy files.

10. Redraw from mortgage to carry on for a while till new income source/s are established.


See details in notes.

11. Super accumulation available, perhaps


Check with VicSuper

12. Will need to know how to renew web page/s



When no adult family member survives



1. Will

See notes

To be made

2. Super accumulation available, perhaps


Check with VicSuper