My notes on skills


Tips for presentations


- Make sure you are not tied to a lectern. Try to use a roving mike instead of a fixed mike.


- Listen to excellent speakers and make notes on their style (including small ‘flourishes’)


- Try to find out about the audience, e.g. ask a question where they are from. Make sure you do or say something in the first few minutes to relax the audience.


- Use a large font on PPTs to make sure everyone can see the words clearly from the back of the room


- Try to avoid turning your head to the main screen while talking. This can be done by reading from handouts while making sure you know (through the laptop) which slide you are on.


- Have a contingency plan so that if technology doesn’t work out you will have alternative means of presentation


- Practice. It does help (e.g. it will reduce inaccuracies)