My preliminary research on Kashmir and Indo-Pakistan issues.

 (this is work in progress)

(by Sanjeev Sabhlok)


Analysis I made in 2003-05 (did not get time to finish it). Disclaimer:  I may or may not agree with the initial views I had formed then. I will need to review the facts dispassionately again in order to know what is the truth. However, I have not changed one word of what I had thought then.


Options on the table for India and Pakistan (a table I had prepared sometime in 2005 or 2006).


Some comments on Shantanu’s blog (2008)


External documents

Official positions:

India: Extracts from “The Paradox of India Pakistan Relations” by Publications Division, GOI, Revised edition Dec. 1971. (Re.0.50) and Latest position by Ministry of External Affairs, India


Kashmir Government (Srinagar) view


Pakistan: Pakistan Government position



Wikipaediea entry | Entry 2


Articles/ books

Collective amnesia By M.P. Bhandara (Dawn, 22 Nov 2000)


Kashmir: A View from India by Tavleen Singh


Mr Jinnah, from SUBJECT INDIA by Henry Noel Brailsford. LONDON: VICTOR GOLLANCZ LTD 1943


Captive Kashmir by Aziz Beg, 1957 (this book is banned in India – a book I found in a second hand bookshop in Australia. I can’t figure out why India banned this book. If it claims to be a free society then why can’t the views of opponents be widely available and discussed?)


Kashmir: the storm centre of the world, by Balraj Madkok