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Sept. 2009

Friedrich Naumann Stiftung website


Sablok invites inspired readers to lead India to become a great nation with freedom and ethical governance by joining the Freedom Team  of India

23 June 2009

Reason for Liberty

Shanu Athiparambath

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand Individual liberty in an Indian context.”

12 June 2009

Satyameva Jayate

Shantanu Bhagwat

“Breaking Free of Nehru” can best be summarised as an “Ode to Freedom”.

4 March 2009

Satyameva Jayate

Shantanu Bhagwat

I would recommend the book to everyone who is remotely interested in politics, governance and the state of affairs in India

Mid-February 2009

The Twenty Second Line


An amazing read

2 January 2009

Spontaneous Order  (Centre for Civil Society)

Parth Shah

great primer on India"

December 28, 2008

Sagarone blog


I highly recommend you … find out for yourself what Sanjeev has to say”

Prior to this, comments (below) related to the manuscript which was available in draft form from April 2007 on the internet

30 October 2007

Manthan Hyderabad

Ajay Gandhi

 “It is a most interesting document and deserves serious reading.”

6 October 2007

TKMCE Alumni Global Association (TAGA)

Hari Nair

this is a real good account for … all those who dream, yearn and envisage of a great India! I have found it very interesting, informative and capturing.

14 Sept 2007

Satyameva Jayate


please do read it IN FULL(this was in relation to a chapter of the draft manuscript)




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March 2009

India Link (Melbourne)

The book

Chitra Sudarshan

Rather mixed. I have concerns about the accuracy of the review.

Yes. See here.

December 2007

Comments posted on my website (here) or:  http://tinyurl.com/4fos9f

The manuscript as well as general comments 

Captain S. Pullat

Concerns raised re: capitalism.

Yes. My comments posted on Capt. Pullat’s comments on 20 January 2008

13 Sept 2007

karmayogini blog

The manuscript


Concerns raised re: some issues

Yes. Comments posted on 16 Sept 2007 - and follow-up comments on the blog.





Where reviewed

What was reviewed/ commented upon

Reviewed by

Whether the review was favourable?

Sanjeev’s comments on review?

December 2008

Shadow Warrior blog

A link to the book was provided by the blog owner, with an indifferent comment, which soon became rather virulent without any evidence offered.

A few commentators.

Indifferent initial post. Further negative comments.


When debate offered, the entire blog post was deleted (or threatened with deletion). So I have compiled the entire material, including my second response which was not published by the blog owner, and have placed the material here. Also on ‘blogger.com’, Wordpress.com, and on ‘blog.com’.

The book was not reviewed. Instead, I received a lot of misplaced attacks (no problem with false attacks; such is human nature and I’m comfortable with that).


I remain happy to engage with these ‘shadow’ warriors in a civilised manner.


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