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a 4th year Ph.D. student,
Department of Economics,
University of Southern California,
Los Angeles , California, USA 90089

D.O. No. SAS/WWW-SCF/1/98 dated the 1st of January, 1998.

     Dear friend,

  1. Welcome to my cyberhome in Cybercity. No, that's an ugly name. Let me call my city Sabhlokcity. There. Sounds better, doesn't it? You are now entering Sabhlokcity. (Cyberspace is the space for shameless megalomaniacs and demented schizophrenics, didn't you know? Next time, I think, I will buy out the site called ... or .gov).

  2. I am an omnivorous, primarily land-based, male primate, with a hydro-philic penchant [read: love of the beach]. My "spirit," however, resides in these electronic bytes transmitted at reckless speed across cables and satellites criss-crossing the Blue Planet.

  3. Please take a seat. That blue velvety cybersofa, there... Very soft, very mysteriously soft. Thanks. Please feel at home. Can I offer you some cyber coffee?

  4. I am pleased to introduce you to my family through pictures. If you like, you can hear me (with a helper application for .wav files for your browser) welcoming you. While I get you the coffee you wanted, you could visit the digital art gallery that I am building as I tinker around with Adobe Photoshop.

  5. There. I am back now. Here's your coffee... and pretzels (Hope you don't mind my monologue: that's what I always do with everyone, anyway. I am always looking for a captive audience).

  6. I consider the World Wide Web to be primarily a place to forage for daily news. No longer do we need to munch trees (alias newsprint) every morning with breakfast. Further, I use my super-electronic powers of magic to retrieve wonderful things from all over the world.

  7. Being abnormally crazed for knowledge and learning of all types, I am attracted to the internet by the ability to tap the cerebra of millions of good folk who have very generously placed their learning on the web for everyone to use. Consider the heap of pebbles (cyberskulls?) on the beach that I have commandeered. Don't touch these or I'll shoot! These are mine, mine, mine. Only mine...

  8. OK. Now let me talk about myself for a while (as if I was talking about anyone else, anyway). I come from the great and ancient land of India where I last worked at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration at Mussoorie as a Professor of Management. I am parented to the Assam-Meghalaya cadre of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). One of the frequent questions I am asked by young Indian friends is about the IAS as a job. I thought it might be worthwhile to share with you some preliminary thoughts on why the IAS is still a career worth aspiring for.

  9. Should you desire to know me better, you might find my academic and non-academic interests illuminating [! bulb !]. Take a peek into the things that I endorse (some of these things, at least.) Additionally, to introduce you to some studies that I have carried out here at USC, I have placed some of my term papers on the web, as well as my dissertation proposal (pick my big fat brain!). While you are floating around, you might just care to meet some of my friends.

  10. This is my son's diabolical room. Sukrit, alias Pablo, is building this by himself. The shelf in this corner contains things that might (finally, someday) prove useful to him.

  11. Hope you are still enjoying the coffee. Oh! Its almost over. I had percolated more in my cyberkitchen. Let me get you some more! ...

  12. Now for my main monologue yet. I offer you the rare privilege of seeing a masterpiece being written directly by the masterpiecer. I invite you to consider the possibility of leafing through my very preliminary web-book: Becoming Rich and Powerful: A Primer for the Citizens of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, which is my attempt to compile a bunch of thoughts which I feel are critical for every young man and woman in these three nations to know. This basket of ideas is intended to wake these three nations from their slumber of decades and to enable them to control the world (!). This ambition sounds big, but nothing big ever got done unless it was attempted first. When you are done with the stuff, and are convinced that you have never before, in your entire life, seen a more powerful masterpiece being written, you can then pat me on my back

  13. What! You don't care for the book I am writing? You sent me brickbats! In that case, would you care for some poetry? Oops! you are leaving! Stay! I will give you a 50% discount on charges for your guestroom, tonight (I charge all my guests for everything, including the coffee I gave you a little while ago).

  14. Financial info is the key to money power (how mundane!). Is the stock market rational? Well, Keynes did not think so, and made tons of money out of the erratic emotionalism of the market. Robert Vishny of the University of Chicago Business School seems to think so too, and is attempting to consistently beat the market. A Professor worth keeping a sharp eye upon! If he does this many times, I will give him all my money!

  15. These oil portraits on the wall? These are pictures of the only three living chaps in the world who meet my stringent standards of living a full life: (1) Bill Gates, (2) Dr. Verghese Kurien, and (3) Me (of course!). [Are you disappointed that your portrait does not hang here? Too bad you didn't build this city].

  16. If you are a student at USC but don't have a car, you might find it useful to go through some personal notes on bus travel around USC that I had compiled while I did not have a car. Now of course, I have a leather lined, gold plated, cyber-Mercedes which cost me.... (Well, not quite ... I have an old, second-hand, but nice, station wagon. But methinks it is a gold plated one. Who is Don Quixote? Do I know him? Me? Who? I never heard of him... )

  17. All right. You are almost done. Prepare to die (OK. Just prepare to leave). No. This Dungeon is off limits to my guests. Only King Sabhlok can enter this bat-filled, eerie, wind-whisling underground dungeon. That's where I unsheath my fangs at night. But since you are still hanging around, awaiting my final sign, let me tell you some interesting facts about USC.

  18. Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting my home in cyberworld, a place where the big primates of the world (real Presidents and Kings ...) reside a mere click away from minor primates (fake Kings ...) like me.

  19. I hope you enjoyed your coffee... The invoice for the coffee will be mailed to your cyberhome ...

With best regards and best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

(Sanjeev Sabhlok)
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